Darksiders 3 PC Performance Lacking, Struggling to Hit 4K 60fps with 2080 Ti

Darksiders 3 PC performance isn’t doing so great, even for those of us fortunate enough to the latest and greatest video cards. Gamers with high-end rigs are reporting frame drops and a number of other problems with the newest game from THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games.

Players have been waiting for a new Darksiders game for over six years. Now that we’ve finally gotten one, it’s high time for reviews to come and people to start talking about how the game is actually running. Unfortunately, it seems that Darksiders 3 PC performance isn’t quite up to snuff.

A number of reviews (including our own Darksiders 3 review) have highlighted issues with the game’s frame rate on both PCs and console. A brand-new game not running perfectly smooth isn’t necessarily all that surprising. What is surprising is that an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti – currently the most powerful GPU on the market – is struggling to keep up with what’s on screen.

The NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti sites at the top of the graphics card food chain. NVIDIA’s newest card sits at the top of most graphics card rankings. It shouldn’t be a surprise considering that it can cost you nearly $2,000 to get your hands on one. Unfortunately, even a 2080 Ti isn’t enough for Darksiders 3 PC performance to meet expectations.

That much horsepower should be more than enough for pretty much anything on the market to run like butter, but Darksiders 3 PC performance has a number of issues at its maximum settings. Reviewers have lost a few frames here and there, but some instances have seen the framerate dip down to the low 40s at the highest settings. Adjustments made to anti-aliasing had no significant effect on the issue.

Moreover, the Darksiders 3 PC version seems to be frame-locked at 62 fps. There is nonetheless a measure of instability despite the frame lock.

Gunfire Games stated on their Twitter a few days ago that a release hotfix will be coming sometime soon. Darksiders 3 PC performance also might be hindered by it not being on the list of NVIDIA supported games, so perhaps an upcoming Game Ready Driver can put this issue to bed.

[via Dark Side of Gaming]