Pokémon “Miracle Twin” Trademark Pops Up In Japan

Pokemon Miracle Twin trademark has popped up in Japan. The new trademark hints at the possibility of something interesting coming for Nintendo’s creature capturing franchise.

With the recent release of Pokemon Let’s Go, fans of the franchise have been paying especially close attention to the development of new things in the world of Pokemon. A Pokemon Miracle Twin trademark was filed in Japan less than a week ago. Trademark applications are costly in any country, so the filing is a good indication that Nintendo has something new in the works.

The Pokemon Miracle Twin trademark is not a translation that could possibly be misinterpreted as something else. The characters ミラクルツイン are pronounced mirakurutsuin so the English name is bang on. (Of course, there’s always the possibility that they go with something else when it comes to localization.) What is perhaps more interesting is the trademark category that the Pokemon Miracle Twin trademark has been filed under.

Trademarks have to be placed in certain categories and may only apply to that category. For example, it might be possible for there to be a “Lightning” trademark in the food category to cover an energy drink and a completely separate “Lightning” trademark for a transportation company. The Pokemon Miracle Twin trademark was filed under a category which includes “controllers, joysticks, chargers, and parts and accessories for household video game machines, cards, toys and more.”

Since the Miracle Twin trademark is in a hardware category, the possibilities of what we might be getting are a little more difficult to guess. Trademark applications give us the trademark and what it’s for, but we don’t get much more details beyond that. The Nintendo Switch does have two Joy-Cons, so we could be seeing something related to a new custom controller for Pokemon Let’s GO or the upcoming core RPG. Then again, it could be something entirely different. For now, we’ll have to wait and see what exactly this Pokemon Miracle Twin thing will be.

[via Nintendo Life]