Return of Modern Warfare Designer Sparks New Call of Duty Game Hopes

Geoffrey Smith has returned to Infinity Ward as lead multiplayer designer, sparking suggestions that a new Call of Duty game is in the works. Smith had a long-running role with previous CoD titles, working on both Modern Warfare 1 and 2 as lead designer. He left the company back in 2016 but recently rejoined the team to help with the multiplayer design. But what is it they’re working on?

You might remember a while back Modern Warfare 2 joined the backwards compatibility list of games. And there were rumors of the game getting similar remaster treatment as Call of Duty 4, though there’s been nothing in the way of confirmation from Infinity Ward on the matter. So, Smith returning to help out with a remaster seems slim. Though, Smith’s return may very well tie-in with rumours of a return to the Modern Warfare series in 2019. That would account for Smith’s return, having played a huge role in some of the most beloved maps in what many consider to be the best Call of Duty titles to date.

Smith designed the likes of Pipeline, Strike, Vacant, and more for Modern Warfare. And he returned to design Invasion, Favela, Fuel, and others for Modern Warfare 2. That resume alone would be fantastic, but he’s clearly got some unfinished business.

CoD fans were quick to show their excitement for the return of Smith on Reddit, with one user stating it will be “The best Call of Duty since [Black Ops 2] and Ghosts.” High praise, indeed.

Treyarch hasn’t been lazy with their treatment of Black Ops 4 post-launch, having recently re-released Nuketown as a map. If Smith’s return to Infinity Ward does point to a return to the Modern Warfare series, then CoD fans seem more than happy. Though we’re yet to hear anything concrete on the subject other than a return of fan-favorite employees.