Rumor: 2019 Call of Duty to be Modern Warfare 4, May Include Battle Royale

What kind of thing is hope, anyway? According to sources, Modern Warfare 4 will be the next CoD game in 2019, and may even include a battle royale mode like 2018’s Call of Duty Black Ops 4. In addition to that, news of ex-Infinity Ward staff jumping ship from Respawn back to its previous employer has made the rounds. So, I guess they’re ex-ex Infinity Ward staff now?

According to Gaming INTEL (which has previous what with leaking the existence of Black Ops 4) has indicated through its sources that Infinity Ward is working on a “fully fledged” Call of Duty title. Not only that, but a single-player campaign will return. The possibility of Battle Royale for Modern Warfare 4 has also been floated about but, again, take this all with a pinch of salt.

What does catch the eye, however, is a recent Reddit post providing considerable detail on Respawn staff members that were previously on-hand for the Modern Warfare series returning to the franchise where they made their name. And if you’ve seen their work on Titanfall 2, you should be very excited. The post has now been deleted (which may or may not add weight to any whispers), but you can read the archived post in full here, which explains the departures, including their roles on Respawn’s team.

The future, then, is looking bright for Modern Warfare 4. The old gang is back together; they’re (potentially) going to bring back something whose absence has caused more than a few grumbles this year in a single-player campaign. Also, as it will have been a whopping eight years by the time 2019 rolls around since any previous entry in the series, they’ve got rose-tinted glasses on their side too. Surely, if these rumors ring true, this is almost impossible to mess up… right? Just remember: no rushin’.