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Kingdom Hearts 3 To Feature Exclusive Keyblade DLC From Amazon

After years of waiting, Kingdom Hearts 3 is just about upon us. The crossover RPG featuring the best of Disney and Final Fantasy is a long-awaited title, and many gamers have already put in their pre-orders. If you’re one of those and you happened to order through Amazon, you’ll be getting a bonus on release day. In a Cyber Monday stream hosted by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller, Amazon revealed that they’ll have an exclusive Keyblade skin to give to pre-order customers.

Known as the Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade, this adds a green and yellow combination to your primary weapon. The skin is on offer to anyone in America and Canada who has an Amazon pre-order. If you have already pre-ordered the game through Amazon, the DLC will automatically come with the game upon release.

Amazon customers who order this way will also be able to take advantage of their regular pre-order offers. Prime members get a $10 Amazon credit after the game’s release. Prime members will also get 500 bits to boost to their Twitch Prime account. However, this is only valid if they order within the next week. Bits are Twitch’s stream currency that you can use to tip streamers and cheer them on. Anyone who is already an Amazon Prime member is a part of Twitch Prime.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the third mainline entry in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The game sees Sora going up against all the enemies of the previous games. This includes a resurgence of Organization XIII and Master Xehanort. In theory, the game will tie together the various spinoffs released since Kingdom Hearts 2, which have all seen release on PlayStation 4 in recent years. It’s debuting on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on January 29, 2019.

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