Bethesda Gives Fallout 76 Premium Currency to Player After Black Friday Sale Complaint

Early adopters of Fallout 76 were understandably a little miffed that the game was on sale for under $40 over the Black Friday weekend. One player complained to Bethesda, and was compensated with Fallout 76 premium currency.

Reddit user IzaakGoldbaum posted a screenshot from Bethesda Customer Support, granting them 500 Atoms. Bethesda Support said:

“We’re so sorry to hear that you were not able to participate in Black Friday sales for Fallout 76! As a personal thank you from Bethesda for purchasing the game within the first few weeks, we have added 500 compensatory Atoms to your account. We hope you enjoy them, and we’ll see you in the Wasteland!”

You can claim 500 atoms if you bought game for 60$. from r/fo76

While a step in the right direction, the compensation is severely lacking compared to the game’s sale price. Fallout 76 was seen as low as $35 on Amazon, for all platforms. The $60, or more for special editions, game dropped to less than 60 percent of its initial retail cost less than two weeks after the game came out. On top of the massive Black Friday deal, the “500 compensatory Atoms” retail for $4.99 in the game’s real-world store.

Another Fallout 76 player was denied a refund of the PC version, after Bethesda originally said it could be refunded. That player had issues with the game’s performance, but a number of other problems with the game have led to frustrated users, and negative reviews.

The big Fallout 76 sale comes after other AAA games faced backlash from early adopters following heavy discounts. Shadow of the Tomb Raider had a 33 percent price cut from it’s initial $59.99 price, leading to hundreds of negative reviews on Steam and Metacritic. Many online had similar negative reactions to the game’s massive price drop, with some asking online retailers for refunds on the difference and complaining. Fallout 76 sales were down over 80 percent in the UK from Fallout 4. As such, the heavy discount could be Bethesda attempting to fight the game’s negative perception and poor sales.

No matter the reason, if you bought Fallout 76 before Black Friday, try contacting Bethesda if you want some extra Fallout 76 premium currency to spend on in-game cosmetics.