Metro Exodus Bulldog Rifle Revealed, Will Be a “Rare Find”

The Metro Exodus Bulldog Rifle has been revealed. The new gun is expected to be a “rare find” for players of the upcoming first-person shooter by Deep Silver and 4A Games.

Fans of post-apocalyptic games have been looking forward to Metro Exodus for some time now. It’s set to come out in February of next year and the developers have been working hard to make that timeline. Aside from their development efforts, the team behind the latest dive into the deadly tunnels of the Moscow Metro have taken the time to occasionally reveal new bits of content. Today’s reveal is the Metro Exodus Bulldog Rifle, a gun that will be a bit rarer than most.

The Metro Exodus Bulldog Rifle is superior to the standard Kalash (the game’s equivalent of an AK-47) in many respects. It boasts superior damage output, handling, and accuracy with a lower overall weight as compared to its more popular cousin. It’s not a straight upgrade, though – the Bulldog Rifle suffers from a lower fire rate.

It appears that the Metro Exodus Bulldog Rifle will likely be similar in rarity to the VSV in Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. The VSV was a particularly difficult find in the first game as only a single enemy carried it. It’s less difficult to acquire in the sequel Metro: Last Light, but it is nonetheless not as readily available as other automatic rifles in the game. In terms of the game’s story, the Metro Exodus Bulldog Rifle is often eschewed by denizens of the world thanks to a need for more careful maintenance. After all, the AK series of guns (or rather, the Kalash) are well-known for their ability to work under any conditions.

If you’re curious about the newest addition to the arsenal for Metro Exodus, you can head on over to the gun’s page on the game’s official website and check out the 3D model for yourself. Metro Exodus is set to release on February 22, 2019.