Metro Exodus update removes Denuvo DRM amid growing backlash

Metro Exodus Denuvo update has launched, and it’s not what you might think. Rather than upgrade the implementation of Denuvo DRM, this latest Metro Exodus update is removing it entirely on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store.

“We are pleased to let you know that the latest hotfix for Metro Exodus has now been deployed,” stated the patch notes. “This includes Denuvo removal, filter fix for Sam’s Story and Epic save backups.”

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Denuvo DRM has long been a controversial choice for digital rights management. The inclusion of Denuvo in Doom Eternal led to player reports of performance drops as severe as 30% among other issues. Just over two weeks later, Bethesda Softworks make the decision to remove Denuvo.

Metro Exodus and Doom Eternal aren’t the only big recent releases to include the DRM; Borderlands 3 included it at launch and Death Stranding was revealed to include Denuvo DRM for its upcoming release date. The news launched a wave of complaints for both of these games, and both titles are still stated to include Denuvo DRM at the time of writing.

For now, it seems that the Metro Exodus Denuvo update is reflective of a growing backlash against the DRM solution. Whether or not other developers will follow suit remains to be seen.

H/T @Wario64