Resident Evil Movie Reboot Will Be Based on Resident Evil 7

Despite the Resident Evil movies being the most successful video game adaptation film series of all time, there is already a Resident Evil movie reboot in production. The reboot will be produced by James Wan and written by Greg Russo. Now, in an interview with Russo, the writer revealed that his script will take the series “back to the horror roots” and is based on Resident Evil 7.

Greg Russo, who is also the writer of the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie reboot, talked about the Resident Evil movie reboot with Discussing Film. He says that while his involvement with the project is at an end, the script is complete and is with the producers now, who were apparently “very happy” with it. Russo says he is “a huge fan of the franchise” and that, after six progressively more action-orientated movies, the studio seems intent on making them horror films once more.

Capcom had a similar idea with the Resident Evil video game series, which went back to its survival horror origins with 2017’s Resident Evil 7. It’s appropriate then, that Russo added that “Resident Evil 7 was a bit of a touchstone” for his script and it “just made sense to go back to the horror roots.”

The previous six-film Resident Evil series was mostly written and directed by Mortal Kombat and Alien vs. Predator director Paul W. S. Anderson, starring his wife Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element). Neither of them are involved with the Resident Evil movie reboot, instead they’re working on another Capcom video game movie adaptation: Monster Hunter, which recently posted some set photos.

James Wan is well-known as a horror movie director who’s worked on the likes of Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring. More recently he’s also been making a name for himself as an action movie director, beginning with the seventh Fast and the Furious movie Furious 7, and continuing with December’s big superhero movie Aquaman.