Guacamelee 2 DLC Character Pack and Challenge Level Coming Soon

The first round of Guacamelee 2 DLC has been announced. Developer DrinkBox Studios announced the Three Enemigos Character Pack, and The Proving Grounds Challenge Level. Both pieces of DLC will be releasing soon.

The Three Enemigos DLC will be available starting tomorrow, November 28 for $2.99. The character pack adds boss characters El Muñeco, Uay Pek, and Jaguar Javier as playable characters. All three characters have their own gameplay pros and cons, alongside new trophies for each.

The Proving Grounds Challenge Level will be available for purchase for $3.99 on December 7 and is being billed as a larger piece of content. The Proving Grounds is set in a floating temple home to the god Tiempochtli. Players are guided through a series of challenged by five master luchadores. By completing challenges, players will unlock character skins of each master luchador, which each have their own unique gameplay attributes. One example was the Flame Face character, who does more damage the greater the player’s combo. ‘The Proving Grounds’ includes 15 challenges, each with bronze, silver, and gold medals to be awarded. There is a secret skin available to players who master the entire challenge room.

DrinkBox Studios released Guacamelee 2 in mid-August, to generally positive reviews. However, some criticized the game for sticking too closely to the template of the first entry and that the long dungeons could be a drag.The game’s exemplary platforming, combat, excellent music, and ability to play as a chicken were its highlights.

Guacamelee 2 is currently available for the PS4 and PC, via Steam. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch in December, although there is no word on if the DLC will be available at launch. The first Guacamelee is currently available on the Nintendo hybrid console. DrinkBox Studios could have more Guacamelee 2 DLC coming in the future, but did not release any info beyond these packs.