Pokémon Go PvP Hinted at Via Official Twitter Account

Update: It seems that Pokemon Go PVP may finally be here.

The first two cryptic tweets from Niantic early today caused a bit of speculation as to what the developer could be teasing. Fans theorized that we might be seeing a new Pokemon, a new feature, or something else entirely. It came to light that the developers were shooting out tweets on the hour and the latest one has made things a little clearer – it looks like we might be getting Pokemon Go PvP.

A third tweet has popped up on the game’s official Twitter account. The tweet shows a female trainer wearing red, likely suggesting that she belongs to Team Valor. (This is a clear and objective indication that she’s made a smart decision instead of those wimps who join Team Mystic or Team Instinct.)

The trainer in the picture is standing in a field set in the same biome as the area where players can catch Pokemon. However, the field has had a few additions to it. An oblong field bordered in white has been placed on the ground with the female trainer standing on the far end. A brown patch of dirt is on the ground in front of the trainer. A line marks the midway point of this field and it’s mirrored on the other half, suggesting that we may be getting Pokemon Go PvP.

Despite earlier fan speculation, the odds are much stronger that we’ll be getting Pokemon Go PvP. Quite a few questions still remain if we are indeed getting Pokemon Go PvP. Will it be any trainer versus any trainer or will it only allow players of one team to fight against the other two teams? I’m certainly looking forward to getting some more details on this Pokemon Go PvP mystery!

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Pokemon Go exclamation point is driving fans a little bonkers. The developers are teasing something and speculation is running rampant over a symbol and a bush. No, really.

Pokemon Go has been gradually adding new content ever since its release more than two years ago. Most recently, the addition of weekly milestones called “fitness goals” has expanded the set of features in the game. Fans were also happy to hear that some of the rarer creatures can be caught in a special event coming in the next few days. These announcements were pretty straightforward, but the Pokemon Go exclamation point announcements are a little less clear.

The mysterious Pokemon Go exclamation point has popped up in a pair of tweets. The first tweet is a video that shows a massive red and white exclamation point icon popping up on the screen. Frame-by-frame analysis of the video revealed nothing significant as far as I could tell.

The second tweet is perhaps a little more interesting. While the first tweet might have been a cheeky way of concealing a new ‘mon, the positioning of the Pokemon Go exclamation point on the second tweet suggests something else entirely. The icon in the second image is placed in such a way that it doesn’t seem to be concealing a particular creature. It’s possible that it could be indicative of a new feature. A number of fans are speculating that this may be the devs finally revealing Pokemon Go PvP.

It’s also entirely possible that the Pokemon Go exclamation point is simply the developers hinting at a new Pokemon joining the game. The ground in the capture world is almost entirely green and there are hints of tan coloring in both the image and the video.

The last suspect for what this could be is something relating to the upcoming community event where players will be able to catch a lot of the starter Pokemon more easily. Though there are hundreds of Pokemon, this particular shade of tan is somewhat close to that of Chimchar. Chimchar is the fire type starter for the games centered in the Sinnoh region.

For now, all we have to go on is the pair of tweets we’ve seen so far. There’s nothing new on the game’s official site, either. The Pokemon Go exclamation point could be a new feature, a new Pokemon, or something else entirely. While fans are sure to speculate, it seems that we’ll have to wait and see what the game’s developers are teasing us with.