Pokemon Go Fitness Goals Confirmed

Pokemon Go fitness goals were announced at the start of October, as Niantic sought a way to directly reward players from exercising while using the app. By immediately tying these rewards to distance walked, Niantic is rewarding players in a more ostensible fashion than the indirect rewards of hatching eggs and encountering more Pokemon.

Back at the start of the month, GameRevolution provided details on the datamined content that led to the initial leak of these fitness goals. However, a recent Reddit post has confirmed that Pokemon Go fitness goals are in fact being implemented at present, as their phone temporarily updated, allowing them to see the layout of the new rewards screen.

At the top, a message reads, “You walked 0 KM this week!” Beneath this message are three tiers of rewards—one for 5 KM, one for 25 KM, and one for 50 KM. Obviously the further you walk, the better the reward. 50 KM is quite the distance, so rewards for Tier 3 fitness goals will likely be far better than Tiers 1 and 2.

On the same page, information is included amount the number of eggs hatched that week, as well as the amount of candy found. Perhaps these two will offer small bonuses in relation to fitness goals, as they imply that the player is taking care to pay attention to the indirect rewards of walking further distances, too. A previous leak, linked above in the other GameRevolution article on fitness goals, featured code reading “NumBuddyCandyEarned,” so it’s likely that walking further distances will nab your current Buddy Pokemon some extra candy, too.

Also, this page features the amount of steps walked and the number of calories burned, which will allow players to track their exercise both qualitatively and quantitatively. Players will be rewarded for walking, sure, but, more importantly, they’ll also gain even more benefits from the new feature by having the option to use it is an exercise monitoring app.