Pokemon Go Adding New Fitness Goals

A new wave of Pokemon Go fitness goals is set to be added to the popular mobile game in an upcoming update. Although players are already rewarded indirectly for walking by hatching eggs and encountering more Pokemon, these new goals look like they’re going to offer more rewards that are more immediately tied to the distance a player walks.A Reddit post that was posted on r/TheSilphRoad four hours ago contained information about lots of bug fixes and a potential Fall event that had been datamined from the notes for an upcoming update. However, it also contained the following information about Pokemon Go “Fitness” goals:

  • Each week, players will have 3 Weekly Fitness Goals to walk increasing amounts of kilometers in-game.

  • A Fitness Report may show a screen of your progress somewhere in the app, and we believe “NumBuddyCandyEarned” during the week’s goal will be reflected therein.

  • It appears that a “MinPlayerLevelFitness” setting may come into play. This seems very likely to indicate an increased KM goal for higher player levels…

  • Reaching your Fitness goals will earn Fitness Rewards.

  • It appears that a “FitnessRewardsLogEntry” will be added to your journal in what we assume will look similar to Raid Rewards journal entries. This entry will indicate the “DistanceWalkedKm” and (presumably) the items received.

So, it looks like Niantic is planning to provide players with more of an incentive to get up and go. Although the distances the game will ask players to cover have yet to be revealed, it’s likely that the higher levels will be on the high end of things, given that players will be way more likely to actually complete the goals if the rewards for them are worthwhile. Players will have three goals to meet each week, with the third one being likely to have quite a significant reward.

Although Pokemon Go has received a lot of attention for combining video games with fitness, this is the first time the link will be explicitly acknowledged by Niantic, which could signal a change in direction for the game’s marketing.

The new update is due to launch some time next week, so players will know whether or not Niantic has decided to go ahead with the program then.