Overkill’s The Walking Dead Season 2 Will Last Until 2019

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Season 2 has started and it looks like it’ll be running for quite some time. The first episode is live now and the following eight episodes will run into the summer of 2019. It’s been a rough start for the latest zombie apocalypse title, though that hasn’t stopped the game also getting a new Starter Edition.

Season 2 offers players a fair amount of content to sink their teeth into, with more enemies and a new story for the game. Players will be coming up against a new enemy that’s set up camp on Capitol Hill and the first episode, titled “No Sanctuary” will see survivors taking part in a rescue mission that sends them behind enemy lines.

Along with a new enemy and story, Season 2 of The Walking Dead introduces a handful of other features to make life easier for players. A new tutorial has been created to help beginners get the hang of things while loading screens will now feature tips for players to peruse while they wait. Users can also now use in-game voice chat with Steam, and the game has made matchmaking for missions easier than before.

Developer Overkill has claimed more weapons are on their way, though there doesn’t seem to be any specifics of what these could be just yet. And players have been promised that a few “other surprises” will be rolled out in the coming months.

And while the game’s release hasn’t been what the studio had hoped for, it’s hoping there’s still time to rope in some new players. You can now pick up a Starter Edition of Overkill’s The Walking Dead for $29.99 on Steam. The Starter’s Edition includes all the content from Season 1 in a single package and will also include any free content that rolls out during Season 2.

The first full season of Overkill’s The Walking Dead is available now on Steam, as well as the first episode of Season 2. PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to pick up the game in early 2019.