Red Dead Online Money Problems Are Frustrating Fans

Red Dead Online players are already frustrated by the game’s economy. Red Dead Online money problems have flooded the Red Dead Redemption subreddit, and other online forums. Rockstar has yet to release information about the game’s premium currency and the exorbitant prices of items has led to numerous fan complaints.

Red Dead Online money problems are plastered across the game’s subreddit, with dozens of threads satirizing the multiplayer mode’s prices. Players have skewered the immense cost of weapons, cosmetic mods, horse insurance, and the measly rewards missions offer them. To many, Rockstar has made the game far too grindy and expensive to their liking. It wouldn’t be the first time Rockstar has dabbled in pushing pay-to-play tactics in its games.

Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto 5, content has sharply increased in price. USgamer wrote a long breakdown of in-game prices, and their relation to Shark Cards—real-world cash items that can be redeemed for in-game money. Red Dead Online will have a similar system in place for gold bars, the game’s premium currency. Players earn gold bars in game, but at a slow and grindy rate. Early reports suggested a single gold bar could take eight hours to earn in-game.

Rockstar has yet to release information on purchasing Red Dead Online currency, but cosmetics and other in-game content can only be purchased with gold bars. The developer said that the marketplace won’t be available until later, and that gold bars can be used for cosmetics. Players can change their character’s honor by paying gold bars, which can affect gameplay and world events.

Alongside the grindy gold bars are exorbitant prices for guns at merchants. a double-action revolver costs $195 in Red Dead Online, while it costs $65 in the singleplayer. A Mauser pistol costs $1,000 in Red Dead Online, but only $250 in the campaign. The insanely high costs and low activity rewards, has left a lot of players frustrated with the grind. One player compared weapon pricing between GTA Online and Red Dead Online at launch.

Rockstar has not responded to concerns from the game’s community, although the developer does have a feedback page open. In the meantime, the Red Dead Online community is serving some wonderful memes about the game’s economy.