Battlefield 5 Overture Trailer

Battlefield 5 Overture Trailer Revealed; Teases New Map, War Story, and More

The Battlefield 5 Overture trailer has been revealed, giving players a peek into what’s coming in Chapter 1 of the game’s Tides of War live service. The new trailer looks pretty great and does a fine job of living up to the splash made by the game’s awesome launch trailer that first popped up in early November of this year.

A few new additions to the game have been revealed in the Battlefield 5 Overture trailer. Fans of the game’s single-player offerings will have a new War Story to look forward to. Titled “The Last Tiger,” you’ll be commanding the crew of a German Tiger I tank. The valiant tankers will be caught in the midst of an impossible battle on their country’s borders.

Those who are more keen on the multiplayer gameplay of Battlefield 5 will be happy to hear that a new map is coming with this bit of free DLC. The Panzerstorm map takes place in the Belgian countryside. The new Panzerstorm map is perfect for tank warfare, as it features plenty of hills for you to peek out of and blow away the enemy with a white-hot anti-tank shell.

The Last Tiger and the Panzerstorm map are the big reveals in the Battlefield 5 Overture trailer, but they’re far from the only thing that will be coming with this update. A Practice Range is being added to the game. Details are light as to what it will actually contain, but odds are it will let players try their hand at a variety of different weapons. Vehicle customization and new skins are on the way, and brand new Chapter progression rewards will be made available.

The Battlefield 5 Overture trailer sure is packed full of neat surprises for fans of Dice’s latest first-person shooter experience. All of the content seen in today’s trailers will be made available to all owners of the game on December 4, 2018. Be sure to check out our review and see what we thought of the game!

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