A Smash Bros Fan Has Created A Printable Custom Manual

Looks like the much-beloved manuals that, once upon a time, accompanied games are making a comeback! Well, sort of anyway because one Nintendo fan has created their own Super Smash Bros Ultimate manual for the upcoming brawler on Nintendo Switch. You can even print off your own copy or download for free as well.

Gaming manuals were great, weren’t they? They offered a bit of a glimpse into the game before you got home to actually play it. But they’ve quickly become a thing of the past, replaced instead by a few slips of paper that tell a much less exciting story of safety precautions for consoles.

But one long-suffering fan has put an end to this. That fan in question, a Reddit user by the name of OharaLibrarianArtur has made it their job to create an entirely original manual for Nintendo’s upcoming Smash Bros Ultimate.

The manual covers everything from character descriptions, item descriptions, move lists, and gives you the low down on Spirit Bonds and a few other features in the game. The manual is made up of images from Nintendo’s coverage of the game, while move sets are based on information from Nintendo, previous Smash announcements, and from what the author learned from playing the game at conventions. The manual comes in at a total of 52 pages, offering all the same strange inclusions from those glossy booklets we used to get – there’s even a notes section at the back.

With Super Smash Bros Ultimate arriving on Friday, this booklet might just be enough to tide those of you who can’t wait any longer over just a bit more. You can download the entire booklet or just a selection of pages through Imgur if you just want to focus on a single character or you can download the entire guide as a zip folder.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate arrives on the Switch this Friday and boasts the largest roster in the series. Though, there was one glaring absence from that lineup, which you can read about here.

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