Tekken 7 Negan Gameplay Trailer Shows The Walking Dead Baddie in Action

Baseball fanatic and all-around psycho from The Walking Dead, Negan, starred in a new Tekken 7 gameplay trailer. Negan was revealed some time ago as an upcoming DLC character in the Tekken series as he puts his baseball bat to use in the Iron Fist Tournament. The Tekken 7 Negan gameplay trailer is our first look at what he can do in the game since being revealed back in August.

As if there weren’t enough questionable characters in Tekken’s roster which includes a cyborg, a robotic ninja, and an evil businessman who regularly kills his family members. Now Negan from The Walking Dead has poked his head up once again, starring in a new gameplay trailer that shows him lining up his fellow fighters and asking them how scared they are.

What follows is a first look at how Negan will play in Tekken 7 and as you might expect, he uses the bat, Lucille, quite a bit. Clips show him stringing together a fair few combos against a host of characters before being knocked out by Nina Williams. Though there’s still enough time for Negan to stab Heihachi in the gut with his bat before replaying the “Catch a tiger by its toe” scene from The Walking Dead.

From the gameplay shown, Negan looks like he’ll be taking up the role of brawler or tank in Tekken 7. He seems fairly slow but is able to counter and land some absolutely sickening shots with his bat. And his finisher will be all too familiar with fans of the TV show, as Negan takes his precious bat to Paul’s head, leaving him to twitch on the floor before Negan threatens all the fans watching the trailer – proof that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character isn’t a very chill guy, to put it mildly.

There’s still no word as to when players can get their hands on Negan as part of the Season 2 collection of characters that also sees Anna Williams and Lei Wulong returning to the fray.