PlayStation Classic Emulator Settings Accessible With a Keyboard

An intrepid YouTuber has discovered that you can access PlayStation Classic emulator settings simply by plugging in a keyboard, as long as you’re fortunate enough to have one that the miniature retro console can detect. The PlayStation Classic is a retro mini console with 20 games built into the system. It uses an emulator—an open-source one at that—to easily allow gamers to play these classic titles in a more modern environment. What’s a little more surprising is that the PlayStation Classic emulator settings can be accessed if you plug in either a Logitech or Corsair keyboard into the console.

Like most programs of this type, the PlayStation Classic emulator gives you the ability to tinker with a number of settings. Stats like FPS and CPU usage can be displayed on the screen. Those who are looking for a more retro feel can even enable scanlines to bring the visuals in-line with the televisions of yesteryear.

It’s also possible to change the handful of PAL games to the NTSC region. The main benefit of making this change in the PlayStation Classic emulator settings is that you’ll bump up the framerate to 60fps, something that the PAL versions unfortunately lack.

A word of caution: the YouTuber who first publicly revealed the ability to access the PlayStation Classic emulator settings has already encountered some issues. The last thing you’d want to do is brick your brand-new retro mini console, so be sure to tinker cautiously. No one has reported any severe issues yet, but you could very well put your save states (or worse, the console itself) at risk of being unrecoverable if you’re not careful. If you’re not confident in your ability to tweak these settings, it might be best to avoid touching them until some more detailed guides come out.

The PlayStation Classic was first revealed by Sony in late October 2018. The revelation that players can tinker with the device’s settings are a first step towards the inevitable homebrewing. This may very well make this retro mini console a much better value prospect that we originally thought.

[via @Nibellion on Twitter] / Image Credit: RETRO GAMING ARTS on YouTube]