Rockstar Doesn’t Plan to Reset Your Red Dead Online Beta Progress

It seems like Rockstar isn’t planning on resetting your Red Dead Online beta progress despite the initial fears this would be likely. The company had originally warned all players in the Red Dead Online beta that there was always going to be a chance their progress would be wiped. While this still may be true, it seems Rockstar is now confident enough to at least say that having this happen is unlikely.

Rockstar made the announcement in one of its regular Red Dead Online beta updates that it posts to Twitter. As per usual it starts by thanking players for their feedback and participation in the beta and then goes on to address fears of potential Red Dead Online progress loss.

“For players concerned about the potential for progress and stat resets, we currently do not have any plans to reset them as part of the Beta’s rollout.” the statement reads.

Rockstar also assures fans that they are still working on general stability and fixing the in-game economy in an update to release later this week as per the last update. It also states that there will be more news to come.

It’s fair to say that this may encourage more Red Dead Redemption 2 players to get involved with the beta. It’s reasonable that some players would have been holding back, not wanting to progress just for it all to be wiped away in an incoming update.

However, a beta is still a beta and anything could happen during updates. While Rockstar would have to be reasonably certain to release a public statement like this, it’s still a good idea to be prepared for the worst just in case something does destroy your Red Dead Online beta progress.