Red Dead Online Beta Progress Could Be Wiped, Rockstar Warns

Rockstar has warned that any Red Dead Online beta progress could be wiped. The warning comes after the online mode was made available to a small number of players on Wednesday, November 17. Rockstar has also suggested that stability issues could plague the game for months potentially.

The Red Dead Online beta finally launched on Wednesday, well, for players who picked up the Ultimate Edition anyway. And that player count is set to rise over the coming days, with November 30 seeing the beta rolled out to all players. Though Rockstar has put out an early warning, explaining that “there is always the chance that we may need to implement rank or other stat resets in case of issues,” it may very well be just a precaution. With that said, the idea of having to repeat the opening sections of the online mode may see some players waiting for assurances before jumping in. Just how long that will be is anyone’s guess.

When speaking about the state of the online mode, Rockstar said it’s “aiming to deliver a stable and fun experience while collecting as much crucial information and feedback as possible.” And apparently, that could take “several weeks or months.” Whether players can expect the majority of that time to be spent rooting out bugs and being routinely kicked from servers remains to be seen. There were similar issues with the early stages of GTA Online, which only lasted for a short period of time so Rockstar’s remarks may very well come to nothing.

The Red Dead Online beta is already suffering some problems, as some players were having issues with joining the game. As we inch towards the full release of the online mode, we’re sure to see some issues with logging in and possibly staying in games. Though hopefully, it won’t come to the point where our online progress has to be wiped.