Capcom is Making a Surprise New Game That Will Make You Say ‘Wow’

Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi has stated that the company is working on a brand new game, and it’s one that will apparently surprise gamers. Capcom has been in the process of revitalizing itself as a company since 2017, first releasing the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7 before moving onto next year’s Resident Evil 2 remake and Devil May Cry 5. Takeuchi has now confirmed these aren’t the only games that Capcom has up its sleeve, dropping a hint that an unannounced title is on its way.

Takeuchi made the comments in an interview with Famitsu (translated via ResetEra user Takuhi), saying that Capcom is upping the size of its developmental teams to the point where the company will be able to handle four AAA games at once.

Tucked away in the interview was also a statement regarding an upcoming project from Capcom, and it’s one that fans of the company apparently won’t see coming.

“If we keep gradually increasing the size of our staff, I’m thinking that at some point maybe we might be able to handle four AAA titles at once,” Takeuchi said.

“Also, in addition to that, we’re currently working on a title that will make our fans think, “wow, they’re making that?”

So what could this be? Fans have already started up the rumor mill, with a number of overlooked Capcom IPs being bandied about. The likes of Viewtiful JoePower Stone, and Mega Man Legends have all been suggested, though the game could also be a brand new IP from the company.

With Takeuchi not offering any further information regarding the title, we’ll have to wait and see whether or not Capcom is planning another entry in a long-forgotten series, or something new entirely. However, one thing is for sure: with Capcom now firmly focusing on the quality of its releases, whatever it comes up with, we’re looking forward to seeing what the end result will be.