Fortnite’s Creative Mode Lets You Create On Your Own Island

The launch of Fortnite’s seventh season is upon us. Though there hasn’t been too much information about what we’ll see in this new season, Epic Games did reveal what may be a major component today. Fortnite’s creative mode will let players, as the name says, create their own world.

Fortnite’s creative mode will allow players to design games, race around, and battle friends. All of these new features will take place on your own private island where all of your creations will be saved so you can come back and enjoy them again.

Epic allowed creators to test the new mode ahead of season 7’s launch. They demonstrated how the mode worked, as you can see below. Players can access the golden rift found in the game’s creative hub that will take them to one of four islands. From there, they can use the phone tool that would allow them to create a world to their liking, using a number of tools. You can even create your own loot llamas and decide what kind of items they will drop. 

Along with this new mode, Epic has been teasing snow- and ice-related themes ahead of season 7’s launch. One tease had a figure on a snowboard. Another tease was a tweet saying “A bitter ice spreads.” Players have also noticed a snowstorm upon the horizon during gameplay.

The launch of season 7 comes as Epic has recently announced plans for a Epic Games Store that will boast an 88 percent/12 percent revenue split, far better than the industry standard.

Those who have a Battle Pass will be able to access these new islands in the first week of season seven, which takes place tomorrow, December 6. Those who have a Battle Pass will be allowed to invite friends to play on their island. On December 13, everyone will have access to a private island of their very own.