Two Point Hospital Bigfoot DLC Stomps its Way into Stores

The Two Point Hospital Bigfoot DLC, the latest themed update to Theme Hospital’s spiritual successor, is ready to download now. The DLC was made available to Two Point Hospital players on December 5, and will cost $8.99 (£6.99). The Bigfoot DLC is the first paid DLC pack, from developer Two Point Studios, following October’s free Halloween-themed update.

SEGA’s European division made the announcement with a Bigfoot DLC trailer that was posted to the Two Point Hospital YouTube channel. The video shows off the game’s typically humorous tone, with local news network host Trent Darby providing the voiceover. Produced in the style of a TV news item, the trailer gives fans an idea of what’s in store for them if they want to purchase the latest content.

The Two Point Hospital Bigfoot DLC takes players to Pointy Mountains – a new area of fictional region Two Point County – after celebri-yeti Batholomew F. Yeti petitions for better healthcare in the county. Players will be able to tackle new challenges across three new hospitals – Underlook Hotel Medical Center, Swelbard Research Institute, and a brand new building at Roquefort Castle – and and are provided with new items to help them complete these missions.

Three new treatment rooms, winter-themed items and hospital furnishings, 34 region-specific illnesses, and other features will be patched into the game to give players something new to try. Some of the new ailments affecting patients include Cold Shoulder, Aurora Snorealis, and Bard Flu. Players will need to cure these illnesses to improve their hospitals’ ratings, and earn more cash and Kudosh to further improve their medical practices.

Two Point Hospital is available to buy now on Steam and all other SEGA-approved digital retailers. The management sim title, which initially released in August, can be purchased for around $29.99 (£24.99), and is available to play on PC, Linux, and Mac.