NieR Automata Sales Cross 3.5 Million On All Platforms

NieR Automata sales have totaled up to 3.5 million in the two years since the game’s release, showing that Platinum Games’ most recent major release is still going strong.

Platinum Games has a good deal of experience at making excellent titles and Nier Automata is no exception. They’ve done such a good job that it’s apparently been selling like gangbusters! NieR Automata sales have surpassed the 3.5 million mark in combined sales for both the digital and physical versions across all of the platforms the game is currently available on.

NieR Automata was first released in February 2017 for the PlayStation 4 in Japan before making its way to the West a month later and expanding to the PC. A worldwide Xbox One release followed more than a year later in June 2018. These three platforms have all contributed to the striking success of NieR Automata sales. The game’s most recent milestone was crossing the 3 million mark in June of this year, right around the time of the Xbox One release.

Though the game occasionally makes for a challenging experience, Nier Automata has generally been well-regarded by game critics and players alike. Our own review particularly praised its creative combat system and a world that’s filled with lots of cool things for players to do. The on-disc offerings were later expanded with the release of DLC that featured a battle arena and some new costumes for the game’s three playable characters.

The upcoming Game of the YoRHa Edition along with the potential for a Nintendo Switch port means that NieR Automata sales are likely to continue climbing. Fans have voted with their wallets and put their full-throated support behind Platinum Games’ android adventure. Odds are good you’ll be able to pick it up at a 50 percent discount or better during the winter Steam sale. If you don’t already own NieR Automata, you’d have 2B reconsidering your position – and fast.

[via @NieR_JPN on Twitter]