Rumor: Resident Evil 3 Remake Is Being Worked On

Rumors have surfaced that suggest Capcom has already started development on a Resident Evil 3 remake. The possible leak comes from a source with a history of reliable tips, and with the Resident Evil 2 remake already looking quite popular, Capcom continuing the trend doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Though, fans hoping for more remakes from the Resi series may have to hang on for a while.

The rumor of a Resident Evil 3 remake popped up in a ResetEra thread, which discussed whether Capcom should go for a Code Veronica remake or Resident Evil 3 remake next. User Dusk Golem popped up, saying that a “Resident Evil 3 remake is already in development.” The user goes on to say that the information comes from Capcom sources rather than the general willingness the publisher showed at returning to other games in the series in the future.

In Dusk Golem’s first post, the user mentions that Resident Evil 3 is the only title left in the series that needs an easier version for future ports. All the other games have either been developed using Capcom’s shiny new RE Engine or else were built using the MT Framework – all except Resi 3. And while Capcom has been clear about the possibility of remaking more Resident Evil titles, the user claims that Capcom is “waiting to see how REmake 2 and REmake 3 perform” before continuing with more remakes.

And while trusting a stranger is usually ill-advised, Dusk Golem does have a history of being right when it comes to Resident Evil. Leaks concerning Resident Evil 7‘s Not a Hero DLC also came from Dusk Golem, and the revived popularity of the Resident Evil series would mean that a return to a majorly overlook installment in the series makes a little more sense.

Resident Evil 3 fits in a day before and a day after the events of Resident Evil 2. Players take control of Jill Valentine once again as she calls it a day on trying to save Racoon City. Her escape attempts are foiled pretty much every time by the terrifying Nemesis weapon that Umbrella has very unhelpfully sent out to hunt down S.T.A.R.S members.

The Resident Evil 2 remake is set to arrive on PC and console on January 29, 2019. Exactly when or if we’ll hear about a Resident Evil 3 remake from Capcom is anyone’s guess right now, though a continuation on remaking the series is surely a likely next step for the horror series.

(Via Videogamer)