The Game Awards: 2018 Survival Ice World Shooter Scavengers Announced

During The Game Awards 2018 developer, Midwinter Entertainment announced its new Surival shooter called Scavengers. The trailer was also dropped and shows several armed people dropping from an orbiting space station to an icy world to take on the elements and other threats.

Scavengers uses SpacialOS technology and on stage, was described as a “Survival shooter coopertition” that’s designed for “replayable session based multiplayer experiences”.

The Scavengers website seems to tease more about survival elements such as surviving the cold and also the cooperation with class-based teamwork. It describes each round as a puzzle that you’ll need to work together with your team to solve.

Scavengers is set in a not-so-distant future where a destructive event has caused a new ice age. The new icy world of many threats including other raiders, mutated monsters, limited resources, the weather on the planet itself, and of course other players.

It seems this teamwork may quickly turn into free for all to see who will survive once the outside danger has passed considering the limited resources and probably also just player lust for power.

You can sign up to become a part of the playtesting group for Scavengers which will begin in 2019. No official release date was announced as of yet.