Dauntless Game Awards

The Game Awards 2018: Dauntless Heads to Consoles and Epic Games Store

Dauntless, the free to play Action RPG by Phoenix Labs, is already available on PC. You might not have seen it as of now because it’s only available via the game’s official website. Even with that limited exposure, the game has hit almost three million players. That’s all about to get a big boost, as Dauntless heads to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and The Epic Games Store in April. After that, the game plans on launching on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. Best of all, your account will work across every version of the game.

Dauntless is a little bit Monster Hunter with some of that Fortnite style. Its first expansion hit in August, adding a new monster and some story bits. Frostfall is its second expansion, hitting on January 9, 2019. It will add the Valomyr as a new Behemoth and a snowy environment in which to hunt.

The trailer showcases the four-player mayhem. Vivid-looking characters clash with what looks like a vicious dragon. They aim to clutch one of the dragon’s tooth before their actions are noticed. No doubt they aim to turn it over to a quest giver for some form of currency. That’s how free to play games work as far as I know.

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