The Game Awards 2018: PUBG Winter Map Launches Tonight On PC Test Servers

The new PUBG winter map was revealed tonight at The Game Awards. PUBG Corp has been teasing the map for about a year now, and the new map is coming to PC test servers tonight.

Vikendi is the new 6x6km winter-themed map coming to PUBG. The map sits between the smaller Sanhok (4×4) and the larger Erangel and Miramar (10×10) maps. The map brings with it a new assault rifle and a snowmobile.

New to the PUBG winter map is the ability to track footsteps in deep snow. The mechanic will turn the hunter into the hunted, and bring new strategies to how people play.

PUBG is releasing on PS4 December 7, and consoles will see the new map in January. It’s unclear when Vikendi will release in full on PC, but the PUBG test servers are open to anybody who owns the game on Steam.

A PUBG snow map was leaked in September, and was called Dihor Otok at the time. We’ll update with official patch notes and information as it comes.