The Game Awards 2018: Dragon Age 4 Teaser Trailer Shown

A teaser for Dragon Age 4 premiered at The Game Awards 2018 this evening. It didn’t give us much to go on other than a hashtag that read “#TheDreadWolfRises.” From that info, we can only presume that the plot involves Solas who was revealed to be an agent of the even god of betrayal Fen’Harel, also known as The Dread Wolf, or perhaps even the god himself.

Unfortunately, that may be all the info we get about the game for a while. According to reports, work on Dragon Age 4 is still in its early stages, and the game may not release until 2021.

In an official BioWare blog post last month, General Manager Casey Hudson spoke on Dragon Age‘s importance to Bioware. However, with the studio concentrating on getting Anthem out of the gate, it’s likely that Dragon Age 4 won’t ramp up to full production until after February 2019.

Dragon Age: Inquisition did quite a bit of world-building, and combined with the previous lore from the first two games, Dragon Age 4 has a lot of places it can go. With Solas being our only clue to go on, there’s no telling when or where the story may take place. Elves are extremely long-lived in Dragon Age lore, so Dragon Age 4 could be a direct sequel or take place hundreds of years before or after Inquisition.

Though no details of what platforms Dragon Age 4 will release on has been released, with the date projected so far out, it’s highly possible we won’t see it on current-gen consoles.