The Dragon Age 4 location has seemingly been revealed by new story collection

Other than the fact that it exists, we still know next to nothing about Dragon Age 4, BioWare’s sequel to Dragon Age: Inquisition. Other than a very brief teaser trailer at last year’s Game Awards announcing that the eagerly-anticipated RPG is coming and hasn’t been cancelled, information is scarce about the title. However, BioWare has now revealed a new short story collection for the franchise, and it seems to be set in the supposed Dragon Age 4 location.

The new story collection is called Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights, and it includes stories written by lead Dragon Age writer Patrick Weekes — who is also responsible for the novel Dragon Age: The Masked Empire, which came out prior to Inquisition and was set in that game’s main new location of Orlais — and a number of other writers at BioWare, including editor Ryan Cormier, Briane Battye, and Courtney Woods. Weekes is editing the collection, which seems to be set in the Tevinter Imperium.

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In the games, the Tevinter Imperium is the only state in the known world of Dragon Age ruled entirely by mages, and so is feared by the world at large. The games have had characters from Tevinter, most notably the flirty mustached Dorian from Inquisition, but players have never actually been to the Imperium.

There were teases in Inquisition that the next game in the series may be set there, and this was basically confirmed by the very end of the last DLC expansion, Trespasser, where the player’s Inquisitor stabs a knife into a map of the Tevinter Imperium — making it very clear where Dragon Age 4 is going next. As for when that’s actually going to happen, after the general response to BioWare’s latest game Anthem, is anyone’s guess.