Kingdom Hearts 3 Opening Song Features Skrillex And Hikaru Utada

The Kingdom Hearts 3 opening song features the combined talents of eight-time Grammy winner Skrillex and the world-renowned singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada. It’s a pretty great track and fans are sure to want to give it a listen. We’ve also found out a nice little surprise – you won’t have to wait until the release of the game to be able to buy the track for yourself!

It’s been well over a decade since we’ve seen a numbered Kingdom Hearts release (though that’s not to be confused with the “spinoffs” which are crucial to understanding the story) and we’re getting ever closer to the launch of the third mainline game in the franchise. A trailer featuring the Kingdom Hearts 3 opening song (titled Face My Fears) has been released and gives us a delightful taste of the musical machinations of two big-name artists.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 opening song was created by Skrillex and Hikaru Utada. Skrillex is an experienced music producer who specializes in EDM and dubstep; he also happens to be a massive fan of the series that mashes up the worlds of Square Enix and Disney. Hikaru Utada is a popular artist in her own right and was the artist behind the opening song of the second game. She had taken a break from the music business for nearly half a decade before returning to work in 2016.

The movie lets us hear just over a minute of the Kingdom Hearts 3 opening song, beautifully paired with some footage from the game. We get to see both heroes and villains from the third entry in the franchise battle it out in dramatic fashion.

While Kingdom Hearts 3 expected to release worldwide early next year, fans won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on this lovely song from Skrillex and Utada-san. Pre-orders for an EP by Hikaru Utada are now up on iTunes with a release date of January 18, 2019. The EP features both the English and Japanese versions of the Kingdom Hearts 3 opening song Face My Fears. The EP also includes the tracks Don’t Think Twice and Chikai.