Turn Off Street Fighter 5 Ads And You’ll Lose Bonus Content

Advertisements are coming to a fighting game near you—but if you turn off Street Fighter 5 ads, you’ll lose access to some bonus content.

You can hardly attend a sporting event without seeing advertisements plastered everywhere. This includes Esports and an announcement from Capcom has told us that advertisements are coming to one of their games as well. Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition will be getting advertisements injected into the game. Unfortunately, you stand to lose some cool extras if you turn off Street Fighter 5 ads.

The advertisements will feature in three different areas of the game:

  • Costumes: the game’s characters will have an “ad-style” costume where sponsored content will appear on their clothing or model
  • Loading Screens: sponsored content will appear somewhere on the loading screen and it won’t affect the loading time in any way
  • Stages: a portion of the game’s tournament stages will feature a spot where sponsored content can appear (as shown in the header image above)

If you decide to keep the ads on, you’ll earn bonus Fight Money while you’re playing the game and will also gain access to special sponsored content like the aforementioned costumes. Turn off Street Fighter 5 ads and you won’t get the bonus cash or special costumes.

Understandably, some fans might not want to see advertisements in a game they paid for. The process to turn off Street Fighter 5 ads is relatively straightforward. A few new options will be popping up in Battle Settings. You’ll be able to disable loading and stage ads in one option and you can disable ad-style costumes in another option.

Aside from the addition of advertisements to Street Fighter 5, the game will be undergoing a free week on PS4 and PC via Steam. PlayStation Plus will not be required to download the game and access the single-player content on the PS4, but it will be necessary for any online play. Anyone will be able to download and play the game on both platforms from December 11, 2018 until December 18, 2018.

Header image source: Capcom