Fortnite Streamer Arrested For Alleged Domestic Violence

A Fortnite streamer was arrested following an incident wherein he allegedly hit his partner during a livestream. The 26-year old Australian man, known online by username MrDeadMoth, can be heard arguing with his partner in several clips. Police arrested the streamer on Sunday night.

MrDeadMoth can be seen arguing with his partner before walking off-camera multiple times in one widely circulated clip (content warning: domestic abuse and violence). The two are heard arguing, with him saying “I’ll be out soon” a number of times throughout the fight. The argument escalates when he goes off-camera. What sounds like a loud slap can be heard, followed by the woman sobbing.

She can be heard saying, “you f***ing woman basher! Don’t hit me in the face. Don’t touch me in the face. You hear that, all you people there? He just hit me in the face.” MrDeadMoth returns to streaming Fortnite, but their argument continues. He then goes off-camera again and can be heard allegedly striking his partner again. MrDeadMoth then yells, “Go away! F***! Leave me alone!”

The two continue to argue, with MrDeadMoth back in front of the camera, as children can be heard wailing in the background. MrDeadMoth’s partner is heard asking him to get off the game, while he continues to tell her to go away. He goes off-camera another time, and what sounds like another hit can be heard.

The Camden Police Area Command in New South Wales responded to the incident, and arrested the 26-year-old late Sunday night. Police charged him with common assault, and granted conditional bail to appear in court on December 13.

According to a press release from the police, the woman was not seriously injured although she was distressed. The two young girls, aged three and 20 months, were at home during the incident. An apprehended violence order, similar to a restraining order, was also served following the incident.