Boogie2988 fires gun at Frank Hassle over harassment claims

YouTube content creator Steven “Boogie2988” Williams has been recorded firing a gun during a confrontation with Frank Hassle, following a tense interview with Drama Alert host Daniel “Keemstar” Keem. Footage of the incident has now widely circulated online, with the pair reportedly being under investigation by police.

Prior to their confrontation, Boogie had accused Hassle of harassing him, which ultimately led to them both appearing on an episode of YouTuber Keemstar’s show Drama Alert. During this joint interview, Boogie told Hassle that he would “end” him if there was “a risk for me, my dog, or my roommate.” Boogie then verbally threatened Hassle with a firearm, telling Hassle that he would shoot him if he showed up at Boogie’s house.

Boogie fires “warning shot” at Frank Hassle

Frank Hassle later arrived at Boogie’s home, with the incident recorded by both parties. The footage was captured by both Boogie’s home surveillance camera and the GoPro which Hassle attached to his head, showing Hassle knocking on Boogie’s door and imploring Boogie to “open fire.”

“Come on you f***ing p****y, what’s the deal? Where’s the gun at you fat f****t? Open fire!” Hassle says, before Boogie appeared in the doorway holding a gun. While video footage of this moment hasn’t yet surfaced, audio of the incident appears to indicate that Boogie fired a “warning shot” into the air. Hassle then leaves the property.

The audio can be heard below:

Why did Boogie fire a gun at Frank Hassle?

The situation between Boogie2988 and Frank Hassle escalated in recent weeks, after Hassle’s YouTube channel was terminated by the platform. Hassle’s content depicted him harassing members of the public in the street, with YouTube deleting it as a result of it violating their Terms of Service. Hassle claimed that Boogie had worked to get his channel deleted, with Hassle then traveling across several states to Northwest Arkansas, where Boogie lives.

After Hassle tweeted a photo of him in Arkansas at Boogie, the pair appeared on Keemstar’s Drama Alert show (via StoryFire), with Boogie threatening to shoot and kill Hassle if Hassle arrived at Boogie’s home. However, Boogie later encourages Hassle to show up at his property, telling him to “show the f*** up.”

Boogie addresses the Frank Hassle incident on YouTube

Boogie later addressed the incident on YouTube, saying that a criminal investigation was now underway in a video titled ‘Confronting a Stalker – Do Not Come To A Youtuber’s House.’

“I made it abundantly clear to him and anyone else that would listen that [Hassle] was not welcome in my home, and that because of his previous threats I would pull a gun on him and today he decided to show up, and so I did exactly that,” Boogie said in the video. “I pulled a gun on him, I told him to leave my property, I told him I felt threatened, I fired a warning shot so that he would leave, after firing the warning shot he did.”

For his part, Hassle has continued posting images of the confrontation on Twitter:

As a result of the incident, ‘Boogie’ began trending on Twitter in the US, with the image of him holding the firearm being widely shared on social media. Despite the criminal investigation, Boogie encouraged followers to continue to post memes of the confrontation. “I will be honest. As serious as scary as this was for me I am getting a kick out or the memes. Send what you got,” he tweeted.

It’s unclear if Boogie or Hassle will face charges for the incident. Boogie has said that the castle doctrine, which allows a person to use deadly force to defend themselves against an intruder in their home, would allow him to use the firearm against Hassle. However, as Hassle did not enter the home, and as Boogie encouraged Hassle to visit during the interview with Keemstar, it’s uncertain if charges will be brought against him for firing the gun.