Boogie2988 says ‘rapists and Nazis’ are more redeemable than his trolls

Gaming content creator Boogie2988 is a somewhat controversial figure, though generally, he’s on the receiving end rather than being the catalyst of online drama. Not so in this instance, as during a recent livestream Boogie (real name Steven Jay Williams) decided to state that his trolls are worse people than Nazis and rapists. This has resulted in backlash.

Directly addressing the people who send negativity his way online, Boogie said “I think you are the lowest of the low. I think you are the worst of the worst.” Instead of leaving it there, he continued to say “I think that there are f***ing rapists and Nazis out there who… are more redeemable than you because at least they’re doing something they f***ing believe in.”

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You can see the inciting incident in the video below, where the controversial Nazis and rapists comments occur at 1:34. Below that is the follow-up video that Boogie tweeted and has since deleted.

These comments are drawing Boogie a lot of flak, though the content creator chose to double down on his stance in a follow-up video that has since been deleted — not before it was captured and reuploaded, however. DramaAlert host Daniel “Keemstar” Keem uploaded a video to Twitter where he states that this isn’t the first time Boogie has displayed such behavior and that he should seek counseling.

Keemstar accuses Boogie of intentionally drawing the ire of online trolls in order to grab public attention and even garner sympathy. He cites alleged past examples which have supposedly since been deleted by Boogie, though the comments which preceded Boogie’s controversial statements do seem to support that theory. Boogie claims that he does what he does in order to keep his harassers busy, in the process stopping them from directing their negative energy elsewhere and inflicting hurt upon other people. “Let me be a martyr here. Martyr me,” Boogie2988 stated.