New Resident Evil game ‘Project Resistance’ screenshots leaked (and it’s not RE3 Remake)

new Resident Evil game was announced earlier today, but no, it’s not Resident Evil 8 or the Resident Evil 3 remake. Titled Project Resistance, the YouTube trailer simply says that “Capcom is embarking on a new project.” However, we’ve also found that there’s been a Project Resistance leak as some tiny thumbnails are available and they give us a good idea of what it looks like. It seems that we may very well be getting a game with proper Resident Evil multiplayer.

Capcom has been tight-lipped about this new Resident Evil game so far. The game’s official website essentially states the same stuff as the YouTube trailer: this upcoming title in the Resident Evil franchise is going to be announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. However, an industrious group of Redditors discovered that there were some awfully tiny thumbnails available if you used a web tool to extract them.

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Here are the thumbnails that probably show us the game’s cast of characters:

New Resident Evil Game Project Resistance Resident Evil 8 Resident Evil 3 Remake Project Resistance Leak

You can see these for yourself by putting the YouTube link for the teaser trailer into Boing Boing’s YouTube thumbnail grabber, although they’ll be smaller than the blown-up version we have above.

UPDATE: More images are now available in a much higher resolution (via @Nibellion):

From what we can tell from the thumbnail, there appear to be four characters who are armed with weapons. The resolution is too small to identify anyone concretely, but we can see a rifle and a baseball bat among their armaments. The lead male seems to be wearing some kind of sports jacket, implying that he may be an athlete in a high school, university, or professional setting.

This is pure speculation, but the setup of the four characters can be read to mean that we’re going to be getting some kind of Resident Evil multiplayer experience. Whether or not this new Resident Evil game is going to be a multiplayer title is uncertain, but it’s difficult to think it could be anything else judging by the images above.