Boogie2988 Jokes About Suicide After Criticizing Logan Paul

Popular YouTube personality Boogie2988, who spoke out against Logan Paul and said that YouTubers in general “need to be careful” when addressing suicide, filmed himself joking about suicide in a live stream less than a day after criticizing the controversial videomaker.

Boogie2988 was one of many YouTubers who criticized Logan Paul for his video in Japan’s Aokigahara “suicide forest,” in which Logan recorded the body of a suicide victim hanging from a tree. Boogie, real name Steven Williams, posted a 13-minute video in which he stated that while he believed Logan had the “best intentions,” the YouTuber should have displayed “empathy” for the man he filmed.

“You should have had some level of empathy for the person that you were showing, and determining whether [filming him] would have been their wishes,” Boogie said. He later added that while he doesn’t censor himself, he makes a conscious effort to “make sure I say it in the right way, and do it in the right way, that is going to have the most positive impact and the least amount of negative impact.”

But after posting this video, Boogie appeared in a live stream playing the virtual reality game VRChat, in which he opted for a skeleton avatar before shouting: “Look at me, I’m dead! Put me in a Logan Paul video! I’m hanging from a tree!”

Boogie has previously spoken out about his own mental health issues, and following the Logan Paul live stream, he revealed that he had donated the proceeds he received to the Suicide Prevention Hotline. However, it appears that in a live setting, he struggled to follow his own advice.

The segment of the live stream containing his comments was clipped by one of his viewers, though it can be viewed in the full live stream here, starting at around the 51-minute mark.

Watch the clip below: