Smash pro Leffen apologizes for ‘sh**ty’ comment on minimum wage jobs

Image: @l3ff3n/Instagram

Smash Bros. UltimateSmash Bros. Melee, and Dragon Ball FighterZ pro player Leffen has apologized for a tweet in which he compared minimum wage workers to Twitch streamers. Leffen, real name William Hjelte, claimed that streaming was more difficult than carrying out a minimum wage job in a now-deleted exchange on Twitter.

Leffen made the controversial statement after telling a Twitter user that he would “rather flip burgers at McDonald’s if it paid the same amount” than play Smash Ultimate professionally. When another user noted how this assertion was not “a reality,” Leffen replied: “Trust me, you know absolutely nothing about streaming [Smash Ultimate] if you think minimum wage jobs are harder.”

Why was Leffen trending?

leffen smash bros minimum wage twitter

Leffen began trending on Twitter due to his claim, with many pointing out the difference between the struggles faced by minimum wage workers as opposed to those who make a full-time living from streaming. Leffen later deleted the tweet, saying it had been taken “out of context” but that it was still “a really sh*tty tweet.”

“My point was to stream [Smash Ultimate] the way I did (12-16 hour days with a sleep schedule to favor US audience with no days off for a month straight, online only) was awful,” Leffen tweeted.

He reiterated that he had said the minimum wage job would be preferable if it paid the same amount, and added that he acknowledged that pay and working conditions in the US are “straight up inhuman at times.”

Leffen apologized for the offending tweet, noting that he is “EXTREMELY lucky” to be in the position that he’s in, although it also has its drawbacks such as being “constantly judged” by viewers.

“Overall I made a real f**king sh*tty tweet, and I’m sorry,” he concluded. “I’m very lucky to have any and all support to be able to be a content creator full time and I seriously think minimum wage jobs are awful and there NEEDS to be change.”