Anthem Multiplayer Won’t Split Players Up, Says Game Director

The Anthem multiplayer will make it easier for players to team up together no matter where they are in the game’s story. That’s what Jonathan Warner said during an interview about BioWare’s upcoming sci-fi thriller. An Anthem demo has been announced for players who pre-ordered the game, arriving in early 2019.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Jonathan Warner explained that Anthem was being built around the idea of making the game an experience you will share with friends. Apparently, Anthem will scale the difficulty of enemies to match the levels of your party, meaning even if you’re carrying a first time player alongside your veteran Javelin characters, the game will lower its difficulty to accommodate all players.

Of course, that set up does mean that you could run into a few issues with story spoilers. Warmer spoke about this in the interview and made it clear that the decision of spoilers would be left up to the player. He said that Anthem isn’t a game that will “socially engineer that [story] experience.” Instead, Warner said when players join up with a friend further on in the game, a message will appear warning the player that they’re jumping ahead and may see some spoilers. Still, Warner says the game will “leave that choice to you.”

The suggestion that players can jump ahead in the story may not sit well with long-time fans of BioWare stories, which have generally been considered the studio’s strongest asset. We’ve already heard BioWare speak about how Anthem will deliver a wholly new kind of storytelling experience to what previous titles have offered, so hopefully we’re not heading for an ultimatum between story or playing with your friends.

Anthem‘s closed alpha played out over the weekend, and players who have pre-ordered the game will be able to get a look at the demo when it arrives on January 29, 2019.