Former Sledgehammer CEO Leaves Activision but Still Has “a Couple of Good Games” in Mind

Glen Schofield is now the former Sledgehammer CEO as well as former Activision employee, having parted ways with the company after nine and a half years with them in one capacity or another. Schofield is met with some ambiguity from Call of Duty fans, with many seeing him as a bit of a villain. It isn’t clear what Schofield will be doing next but it seems likely that he’ll remain involved in the games industry.

Schofield helped co-found Sledgehammer Games alongside Michael Condry and went on to lead the design of Modern Warfare 3 before taking up leadership roles for COD: WW2 and Advanced Warfare. Schofield announced his departure from Activision in a tweet, saying that “I’ve had a great run here at Activision; 3 COD’s- MW3, AW and WWll- that I’m proud of.” He’s a character that’s proved fairly divisive among Call of Duty players in recent years, with many saying he had treated COD WW2 and its community poorly before being replaced by Aaron Halon earlier this year. However, Schofield’s time with both Activision and Sledgehammer has resonated with other fans, with one fan saying “Thank you so f***ing much for the best COD, MW3,” so it wasn’t all bad for Glen.

As for what’s on the to-do list for Schofield, well, we don’t really know. He’s said that he’ll be taking a break from work for a while, but in an interview with Gamespot he suggested that he’ll return to the industry. Schofield said that he still has “a couple of good games in mind” which, given his ties to the shuttered Visceral Games, has led to some suggesting—or rather hoping—that we’ll see a return to the Dead Space series when Schofield returns.

For now we’ll have to wait and see what Schofield has planned. What does this mean for the Call of Duty franchise? Well, with Halon now heading up Sledgehammer and proving fairly popular among its community, it’s unlikely we’ll see much change in the immediate future.