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Brad Wong and Eliot Return For Dead or Alive 6

While the Dead or Alive franchise gained its fame primarily due to its femme fatales, the male side of the roster isn’t lacking memorable fighters. There’s Zack, the eccentric island owner and part-time cosplay enthusiast. There’s Ryu Hayabusa, the ninja who players will recognize from the Ninja Gaiden franchise. Then, there are the two fighters returning to the Dead or Alive 6 roster according to an announcement in Famitsu magazine. Eliot and Brad Wong may not be as notable as some of their battling buddies, they still have their supporters among the fan base.

Introduced back in Dead or Alive 3, Brad Wong utilizes the drunken fist style popularized by Jackie Chan movies. He uses deceivingly off-putting techniques to gain an advantage on opponents, often distracting with large movements before quick strikes. In the article, Brad Wong is said to be in search of the legendary salmon during the events of Dead or Alive 6. He has long been searching for a legendary wine, so one assumes that he needs the legendary fish as a complimentary dish.

Eliot debuted in the series in Dead or Alive 4. He took over for Gen Fu, his sensei and the originator of his Xinyi Liuhe Quan style in the series. Previously depicted as a young pupil, Eliot is now firmly in his 20s and a martial arts master in his own right. As for his reason for fighting this time around, it’s simply a matter of gaining experience and proving his skills.

Both Eliot and Brad Wong are known to travel together and often cross paths in the game’s story mode, so it’s fitting that their inclusion in Dead or Alive 6 would be linked. Koei Tecmo’s newest fighting game hopes to take the series in a different direction, focusing more on the fighting and less on the fighter’s assets. The title is aiming for a release on February 15. It will be out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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