Smash Bros Police

Police Respond to Noise Complaint, End Up Playing Smash Bros

Smash Bros police encounter was the natural result of a noise complaint that turned out not to be very noisy at all, affording the first responders the opportunity to get in a little game time with some pretty cool folks.

Jovante M. Williams and his friends were enjoying a lively session of Super Smash Bros Ultimate when a neighbor filed a noise complaint. This prompted Minnesota police to head over to the apartment of Mr. Williams’ friends where the gameplay session was going on. “We got a lot of cops. We’re telling them this is the same noise level we’ve been having,” Williams told Yahoo! Lifestyle. “They confirmed, a few times, that we weren’t even loud.”

After the officers were satisfied that there were no noise violations, they inquired what the young men were playing. This is where the Smash Bros police encounter truly began. Mr. Williams asked if they would be interested in playing a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and two of the officers were more than happy to step up. A lead-up to one of their matches was shown in a tweet posted by Mr. Williams:

Amusingly, at least one of the officers feigned ignorance about the game, going as far as to ask how they could jump with their character. One of the police proved themselves most capable with Pikachu and gave Jovante M. Williams and his friends a run for their money. The officers’ familiarity with the game is no surprise, as it’s been selling quite well, going as far as to be the best Nintendo Switch launch title in the United Kingdom.

The Smash Bros police encounter ended in the best way possible, with a bunch of people crowding around a television and having some good, wholesome fun. As for Mr. Williams, he asks that people who enjoyed his video consider following him on Twitter and Instagram where he posts imagery of his dancing and acrobatics.

Header image credit: Jovante M. Williams

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