The Grip Roadmap Includes Team Modes, Esports, and More

The Grip roadmap has been released and it looks like developer Caged Element will be kept busy with its roll-cage death race for a while. Players can look forward to a host of quality-of-life changes before the big changes coming in 2019. Along with new game modes and cars, players will see the game enter the esports ring as well.

The first bundle of changes for the game are remarkably un-sexy but should deliver a host of improvements to the finer points of Grip. The most recent December update saw a handful of fixes to selected tracks, with issues with some tournaments crashing being resolved along with invisible wall fixes to Rust, and issues with the LIT track.

January 2019 will see further gameplay fixes in the game’s “BIG ASS UPDATE” which introduces changes to AI behavior as well as the game’s UI being fine-tuned. Races on the game’s easy mode will have the turrets that litter some tracks disabled, while the difficulty and speed for multiplayer races will no longer be voted on. There will also be fixes to some issues with controller bindings, improvements to sound effects, and an improved handling system. We don’t have much in terms of details for what will happen with the handling system at the moment, though more details will arrive as the January update nears.

The first big change to the game comes in February, with new team modes coming to Grip. Again, details are fuzzy, with the description only saying you can “hit the arena or track with your crew and battle it out on the leaderboards.” So while we can’t say what’s going to show up with any decisiveness, a team deathmatch or team-based Ultimate Race seems likely. Players will also get a batch of new cars to play around with in the February update.

And that’s not all the game has on the books. March will see more cars slamming on to the game’s various tracks and Caged Element has also teased another treat, only saying that it will be “something special [that] racers from the 90’s will enjoy!” And among all this intrigue, Grip will be entering into the competitive circuit, with regional championships being lined up for next year. We don’t know when this will be but have been promised more details in the coming months.