Gris Has Beauty to Spare In New Launch Trailer

Devolver Digital has a certain style that runs through all its games. Gris seems to be an exception at first, as most of Devolver’s output is grimy and violent. However, there is one word that links Gris to the Hotline Miamis and Shadow Warriors of its catalog. That descriptor is subversive. The striking visuals of Nomada Studio’s debut seem like a trick. They feel impossible coming out of an interactive medium. And yet, here we are. Gris‘ launch trailer shows what to expect from this gorgeous puzzle platformer.

In the game, you play as title character Gris navigating a surreal world created by her own emotions. As she progresses and conquers the obstacles, more of the world presents itself and Gris’ set of abilities expand. The game presents no text and little challenge in an attempt to present a universally engaging experience. No matter what language you speak or your level of skill, Gris is something you can pick up and play.

All of Gris’ abilities come from her dress and how it transforms. Some of the abilities you can see in the trailer include the dress transforming into a cube to stay still and burst through cracked platforms. She can also glide through the air with the dress and use its colors to swim gracefully underwater.

Each new environment has a distinct color scheme highlighted by a single tone. Your player character is a tiny speck in these huge and intricately detailed environments. While this recalls other artistically minded platformers (think Limbo), Gris seems to accomplish the shadow effect in a much more varied way. As for whether that translates to gameplay, we’ll just have to see in twenty-four hours. Gris launches on Nintendo Switch and PC, Mac, and Linux tomorrow for $17. For more about the game, be sure to check out our preview coverage.