11 Minutes Of Tomb Raider Gameplay Gets Impaled On A Stake

When I saw Tomb Raider before E3 last year, I got to play the now widely publicized opening section where Lara learned to craft, platform, and hunt with her bow and arrow, all while moaning and crying out in pain at every chance.

What I wasn't allowed to talk about then is now readily viewable above. This monastery sequence plays out slowly so Noah Hughes, Creative Director at Crystal Dynamics, can point out all the little details. During the E3 judges tour, the developer directing the demo moved a lot faster through this sequence, and truly, it was a lot more exciting that way.

The molotov-toting baddy in the first minutes of gamplay above didn't light himself on fire. He lit all three mercs on fire together, meaning Lara could move ahead a lot faster. We're eager to get our hands on the final build of Tomb Raider soon, but until then, you'll have to enjoy heavy breathing and pained shouting in Youtube form.