World War Z Classes include a “Hellraiser” and More

The new World War Z Classes trailer shows off all the different specialties the game offers when it comes to killing the undead. It looks like there will be six classes to choose from and while they all have different abilities, they all look equally capable with a gun. World War Z is set to arrive on console and PC at some point in 2019.

The Classes trailer doesn’t give too much away in terms of what makes each of these classes unique, though it looks like loadouts will be locked to each class. If you’re the type who likes to charge in and cause a bit of a scene, the “Hellraiser” class should strike some affinity with you. The trailer shows the character-class charging around, shooting at a charging group of zombies with a grenade launcher before throwing an explosive at a horde of undead trying to scale a wall.

Though it’s not just big guns and loud explosions, the game’s “Slasher” class looks set to give stealthy players a chance in the game as well. Armed with a machete and silenced pistol, the Slasher is shown working her way through a hallway picking off the infected one by one. If you’re out on a recon mission or just looking to salvage a few bits and pieces without getting stuck in a kill-or-be-killed situation, it looks like the Slasher will come in handy.

The “Exterminator” and “Gunslinger” classes look like they’ll be the geared towards support roles, with both looking more than capable for mid-range combat. The Exterminator is shown sporting a heavy-duty sniper rifle as he plants a path of explosives, detonating them as a horde moves in, presumably before picking any stragglers off from a considerable distance. The Gunslinger looks to be built in a similar vein, shown slowing down a rushing group of the undead with an angry looking gun before being shown blasting away at another horde with a shotgun.

The final two classes are the “Medic” and “Engineer,” both of whom do exactly what you’d expect. Thankfully, the Medic looks like it’s capable of healing allies from afar, with gameplay showing one player tagging a wounded teammate before putting some bullets into a few zombies with a machine gun. The trailer doesn’t show the Engineer actually fixing anything; instead, the class is seen manning a turret. With that said, it seems likely that this will be the class you need around to keep vehicles and turrets functioning as intended.

The gameplay doesn’t show any signs of loadoat customization between these classes, meaning that each class will most likely be limited to a selected arsenal. Whether or not a party will be able to include more than one of each class type is another thing we don’t know, meaning you could be stuck taking turns with a particular class that’s proving popular among you and your friends. That could all change in the future though, with developer Saber Interactive yet to nail down a specific date for World War Z’s release other than a broad 2019 window.