Anthem’s New Trailer Digs Into Legion of Dawn Lore

While we’re preparing for the holidays, we must remember that games never stop coming. Spring 2019 is going to be especially packed, and one of the heavy hitters is going to be Anthem. If the past is any indication, Bioware’s new world promises to hold many secrets, and we’re just starting to learn about them now. In a trailer first released by IGN, we have our first glimpse at the Legion of Dawn, one faction of warriors in Anthem‘s history.

The trailer focuses around a legendary female warrior, the first to strike out against the violent chaos. She founded the Legion of Dawn, guiding warriors in their Javelins to protect those who were defenseless. She lost her life in the endeavor, and the Legion of Dawn carries on in her honor. The trailer is light on specific details but certainly sets a tone for the battles to come in the main campaign.

If you want to join the Legion of Dawn yourself, Bioware would be more than happy to take your money. The most expensive edition of Anthem bears the Legion of Dawn name. Inside, you’ll get four intricate silver Javelin skins to show off during co-op multiplayer. You’ll also get a set of matching Light of Legion weapon skins to complete the ensemble. These legendary add-ons bump up the price of the game to $80 if you’re interested.

During The Game Awards, Bioware started to roll out some details on the story of Anthem. That trailer revealed why the game is called Anthem and introduced a few of the Freelancers you’ll be talking to in the game’s narrative. You might have also had a chance to play in Anthem‘s limited closed alpha, which ran from December 8-9. Anthem rolls out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Origin on February 22.