Free $10 Microsoft Store Gift Hidden in Marketing Email

If you’ve signed up to receive marketing emails from the Microsoft Store, you might be in for a Christmas treat – a marketing email that reportedly contains a hidden free $10 Microsoft Store gift.

Initially noticed by ResetEra user Judge, an email sent by the Microsoft Store with the title “Save $100 on Xbox One X consoles” contains a Christmas tree icon, embedded with a code that grants $10 in Microsoft funds when clicked on. This code only works once per account, but is also reported to work across multiple accounts for users in the US.

The icon in question is described as a “red christmas tree right below the main ad image”, adding $10 credit to your logged-in Microsoft account. This credit likely expires after a certain promotional period, so make sure to use it soon – some users have quoted four months as a likely cut-off period.

While initially reported to also work for emails sent to Canadian-based users, the same link only leads to a “12 Days of Deals” page for them. In addition, many people have reported that while they regularly receive marketing emails from the Microsoft Store, they didn’t receive this email in particular, so this gift may be targeted to only certain users.

Anyone arriving late-to-the-party might also be disappointed – many wishful thinkers attempted to belatedly sign-up for marketing emails, but never received the same deal. Likewise, before the code was uncovered, many people had already deleted Microsoft’s email; in this case, you’ll have to rifle through the trash, but the code still works nevertheless.

This isn’t the first free giveaway by Microsoft – even last month, the original Crackdown was available for free through the Microsoft Store. Some replies to the thread from PS4 owners also called for Sony to send similar emails; after all, no-one wants to wake up on Christmas with an empty stocking.