Pagan Online Gameplay Trailer Shows a Ton of Combat

The first Pagan Online gameplay trailer has been released, and while it’s only an early peek  atgameplay, it still looks pretty damn good. Pagan Online was only announced back in November, being developed by Madhead Games and Wargaming, in a move that’s markedly different from anything else the World of Tanks developer has on its books. You can sign up for trial access to the game but we don’t know when it will see a full release.

If you’re familiar with Wargaming’s previous work, then Pagan Online will look a bit out of place alongside the other titles the developer’s library, as the team is best known for its vehicle-based war games. But that hasn’t stopped the team from putting its hand to a new genre, though, and with help from Madhead Games, Pagan Online looks like it’s hitting a lot of the right notes when it comes to making an action-RPG.

The Pagon Online gameplay trailer doesn’t do much except show off a ton of combat, debuting its heroic roster going to town on hordes of monsters with an array of weapons. There’s more than a few similarities between Pagan Online and the likes of Diablo, as characters tackle great, hulking beasts with magical melee attacks that cause a fair bit of chaos. It’s not just attacks that are showcased, however, with the importance of movement and dodging being highlighted as characters dance through attacks or dive away from magic circles.

You can sign up for trials of Pagan Online now, though just how many players will get a chance to play isn’t known yet. Wargaming is simply saying that it’s “currently receiving a large number of requests and it may take time to get back to you.”

Pagan Online isn’t the only new game that Wargaming is working on. The developer set up a new studio in the UK a while back and recently acquired Edge Case Games as the two studios continue working on a new vehicle-based MMO. Wargaming is keeping details of the game under wraps for the time being it seems, though.